Hyris Ltd first ranking for COVID-19 research fund program by Regione Lombardia

Hyris Ltd first ranking for COVID-19 research fund program by Regione Lombardia

It is with great proud that we’ve been informed of the results relative to the call for projects issued by the Regione Lombardia:“ Misura a sostegno dello sviluppo di collaborazioni per l’identificazione di terapie e sistemi di diagnostica, protezione e analisi per contrastare l’emergenza Coronavirus e altre emergenze virali del futuro"

Hyris project regarding the test to identify the coronavirus presence on surfaces, in collaboration with CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE and ISTITUTO ZOOPROFILATTICO SPERIMENTALE DELLA LOMBARDIA E DELL'EMILIA ROMAGNA "BRUNO UBERTINI”, has been evaluated and rewarded with the top spot based on the team involved and the Innovation and overall quality. The project was admitted to the request for funds and then approved, therefore it will be carried out with contributions from the European Union, the Italian state and the Lombardy Region.

This achievement is particularly meaningful for us due to the caliber and prominence in the COVID-19 pandemic fight of the other participants who applied and have been evaluated with a lower total score.

We’re very proud of our team efforts which made all of this possible and we look forward to new challenges, hoping to provide even better tools to fight the current pandemic and future viral emergencies.

Check THIS LINK to see the final ranking.

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