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System Applications

The Hyris System™ can handle any type of nucleic acid amplification techniques in a wide array of applications, ensuring mobile and reliable results throughout many different industries.

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Our Applications

The Hyris platform can handle any type of nucleic acid amplification techniques, enabling users and partners to test genomic sequences in a wide array of applications. Just to mention a few use cases, the actual usage of the Hyris technology includes:

  • Identification of pathogens in a biological sample (viruses, bacteria, fungi can be detected in plant, animal or human samples)
  • Environmental analysis, to identify the presence of pathogens on surfaces
  • T-Cell test for global clinical use, in order to track patient immunity levels (to COVID-19)
  • Certification of the exact species in a sample, supporting Speciation
  • Genomic identification
  • Pharmacogenomics.

While the potential range of applications is vast and ever growing, Hyris currently focuses on the following areas.


Hyris is fully committed to supporting the healthcare and medical sectors, providing a complete array of different diagnostic solutions, aiming to assess many threats to human health in real-time and minimise the risks related to the spreading of pathogens and consequent infections via specific infections monitoring protocols.

Technology is the way to produce meaningful knowledge, which is the most powerful at our disposal tool to support health and wellbeing. Hyris debunks genetic analysis, making it simpler and more available in any healthcare sector, allowing doctors, lab technicians, and medical users to seamlessly deploy advanced diagnostic tests right at the point of care.

Coronavirus and Covid-19

Human Diagnostics and Environmental Testing

The portable Hyris System™ can test for COVID-19 quickly and easily. The first solution, validated and already in use at major academic, industrial and clinical organizations around the world, enables on-site testing of individuals for SARS-CoV-2, ensuring both rapidity and reliability, together with the possibility to immediately known the response for the patient. Hyris also offers a second version of the test kit for the testing of surfaces, to monitor the viral load in environments such as offices, industries, retail, transportation, restaurants, healthcare facilities, sports venues and many more. The environmental test is a state-of-the-art early warning system to assess risk factors over time and protect the health of both employees and visitors.

Other Applications

Hyris technology goes beyond its main medical applications, to find application through a wide variety of different fields. Have a look at the main ones.


Hyris offers a range of plant species identification kits for the Botanicals industry. They are being used for quality control purposes and supply chain management and allow precise genetic identification of biomasses used in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutritional supplements. Most of these kits can be ordered as third party certificates.

Plant Health

Hyris offers full and ready solutions for the testing of plant pathogens, and has a growing catalog of these bKITs. Agronomists, growers, agricultural concerns use Hyris bKITs to check the health of their crops.

Food Control

The next area of application of the Hyris platform: we are working to prepare an integrated solution for food manufacturers in various areas (grains, oil, wine & drinks, poultry, frozen foods...) that allows in line quality controls inside their supply chain and manufacturing operations.

Research and Development

The Hyris platform offer a very cost effective option to enable researchers to perform studies involving the amplification and detection of nucleic acids. Reactions can be closely monitored with accurate temperature control, high-resolution amplification and melting curves, multiple wavelengths (2 in the standard configuration, up to 4). The platform does not require any kind of installation and delivers maximum effectiveness and convenience when used a ‘personal laboratory’ that can physically move with the researcher(s) anywhere it is needed


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