Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers here about our platform capabilities, usage, technical details, kit integrations. Should you need any additional info, feel free to contact us at your convenience, we look forward helping you with your diagnostic and research applications.

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How can I connect to bCUBE®?

bCUBE® communicates over two main channels: Bluetooth and Ethernet. The former is used in conjunction with Hyris bAPP on a smartphone, while the latter allows bCUBE® to be fully controlled by a Windows PC through the bPANEL software interface.

Do I need a Desktop PC / Notebook for controlling bCUBE®?

Only if you wish to experiment with your own protocols, or change the test parameters. If you use the pre-set protocols for your testing and research use, you can control bCUBE® with the bAPP on your smartphone.

Can I use bCUBE® everywhere in the world?

Absolutely! The supplied power source works at both 110V and 220V, and the power cord can be easily interchanged with the one compatible with the standard of your destination country.

Do I need to be an expert Biologist in order to use bCUBE®?

No, you don’t. bAPP’s extremely intuitive interface will guide you through every step of the setup and analysis. You’ll be able to start your analysis with only a few simple touches, and our results interpretation engine will assist you in determining the outcome.

Can bCUBE® be used for laboratory/research use?

Yes. By connecting bCUBE® to a Windows PC, you can use the bPANEL software interface to fully exploit its capabilities. Create custom protocols, run thermal cycling or isothermal protocols, perform high resolution melting analysis, and scan all your samples at the same time. With bCUBE®, even the most demanding biologist will be satisfied.

Can bCUBE® perform thermal cycling?

Yes. bCUBE® is capable of running custom thermal cycling protocols, maximizing ramp speed, and running Real Time PCR analyses. Moreover, its flexible thermal control algorithm is able to keep a constant temperature profile, thus maximizing stability and precision, and giving outstanding performance in isothermal amplification protocols.

Can bCUBE® run Melting analysis?

Yes. bCUBE® can control slow temperature ramps very precisely, and the resolution of its temperature sensor (< 0.05°C) enables melting analyses with very high resolution.

What fluorophores are compatible with bCUBE®?

At present, our standard model is compatible with FAM and VIC fluorophores (and all equivalents). In addition, due to the modular nature of its patented technology, a custom optical design can be requested to make bCUBE® compatible with virtually any type of fluorophore.

Can bCUBE® detect multiple wavelength in a single analysis?

Yes. bCUBE® is able to scan all samples simultaneously for each of the installed wavelengths (FAM and VIC fluorophores for the standard model). This allows analyses with multi-targets or an internal control.

How can I get support/assistance?

For quick response on technical questions, you can use our ‘Contacts’ section on our website. If you have mechanical issues with the instrument, we can provide remote assistance by connecting directly to your bCUBE® via the internet.


What are the compatible operating systems?

Our current bAPP version is available for Windows Phone only, but Android and iOS applications are in development and will be available shortly. In the meantime, we will ship you a Windows phone with bAPP preinstalled with every bCUBE®.

What technology is used to connect bAPP to bCUBE®?

bAPP connects to bCUBE® using Bluetooth technology.

Do I need to stay connected and nearby bCUBE® for the entire analysis?

No, you don’t. As soon as the analysis is started, bCUBE® is able to carry it to completion entirely without the need of any interaction from you. If you like, you can stay connected to see the analysis outcome in real time. Otherwise, you can download and see the results of the analysis at any time after it has completed.

What happens if I lose the connection or my phone battery goes low during an analysis?

No worries, it won’t affect the analysis. You can download the entire analysis from bCUBE® anytime you want after it has completed.

What are the advantages of controlling bCUBE® through bAPP?

With bAPP, genetic detection becomes remarkably easy. Your analyses can be entirely portable: just bring the small bCUBE® and a smartphone to set up in your laboratory or in the field. You can take pictures, record GPS coordinates, and link them to each sample you’re analyzing, while obtaining results within just a few minutes. Our results interpretation engine will assist you in determining the outcome of the test, without the need to be an expert in genetic detection.

Do I need to be outside of buildings to get GPS reading?

No. By exploiting the smartphone’s A-GPS, your location can be acquired through your mobile network or Wi-Fi.

How can I share my results?

At the end of each analysis, a PDF report with the results is sent from bCUBE® to your smartphone. You can email it or share it by any other means enabled on the phone. In addition, the full data acquired during the analysis can be uploaded to our cloud portal (bDATA®) and can be read and analyzed by anyone with permission.

How do I get the bAPP on my phone?

You can download it from Windows Store