The Potential of DNA-Based Field Botanical Authentication (Nutraceuticalworld.com / Herbalife)

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The Potential of DNA-Based Field Botanical Authentication (Nutraceuticalworld.com / Herbalife)
DNA-based in-field testing applications have great potential for enabling botanical species authentication. Testings with Real Time PCR methods is a valuable tool, also for non-experts.


The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) can also be conducted outside laboratories with specific platforms.

Herbalife Nutrition is evaluating a patented Hyris platform, which offers the unique capability to perform full PCR-based genetic analysis of biological samples in any kind of setting. With a weight of only 1.15 kg and a footprint of 10x10x12 cm, the Hyris bCUBE incorporates all the hardware and software needed for testing. 

Actually, Herbalife is working in developing some specific solutions not only for identifiyng botanicals but also to detect their common adulterants.

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