Industry Leaders Embrace Hyris' "Virus Finder System" to Keep Operations Running and Employees Safe

Industry Leaders Embrace Hyris'

Hyris bKIT Virus Finder Covid-19 is the first commercially available, rapid COVID-19 medical device approved by Health Canada for point-of-care human testing. Exclusively distributed by Songbird Life Science, it is fast becoming the preferred choice of industry leaders across Canada.

GUELPH, ON and LONDONOct. 19, 2020

Since its approval by Health Canada for human testing in September, interest in the Hyris Diagnostic Platform has skyrocketed, as this disruptive technology addresses large gaps in access to testing for Canadians. Several Canadian companies have already adopted the technology as part of their COVID-19 risk-management planning, while many more are planning their rollouts with Songbird Life Science, Hyris' strategic partner and exclusive distributor in Canada.


As the Hyris Platform is now enhanced with the new bKIT Virus Finder Covid-19, Songbird Life Science is proud to offer the diagnostic system Hyris Virus Finder (HVF) as the key element of its onsite rapid human and surface testing program, which in turn is an integral part of its pathogen risk-management services. Deploying PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology, considered the "gold standard" by the CDC and WHO for COVID-19 testing, the Hyris Virus Finder system is instrumental in keeping people safe and operations running.

Stefano lo Priore, founder and CEO of Hyris Ltd, a UK-based, biotechnology leader, confirms: "Our IoT diagnostic platform, driven by the power of artificial intelligence, is able to provide real-time data collection and interpretation, making the diagnostic results simple to 'read' even by 'non-experts' via its dedicated app." Lo Priore continues: "We are thrilled that more Canadians can now access COVID testing at point of care, when they need it, wherever they may be.

As the "hardware heart" of the Hyris Virus Finder system, the "bCUBE" is a state of the art miniaturized portable device that has also been used for many years by Canadian genomic scientists at the University of Guelph, for the development of pharmaceutical and nutritional applications in an ongoing, well-established collaboration with Hyris Ltd. Today the bCUBE is a critical tool in the fight against Coronavirus, confirming if the virus is onsite and allowing for quick minimization of any negative impacts. Progressive companies, who put their people first, have promptly identified the bCUBE's proven accuracy rate of over 95% (and up to 99% in specific clinical trials) as key to their risk-reduction strategy.

One of these progressive companies is FGF Brands. As one of North America's largest producers of naan, flatbreads, muffins, and other quality baked goods, FGF is more than just a bakery. Instead, it is "a technology company that bakes"—and not one that is willing to risk letting COVID interrupt its operations.

"Technology and innovation drive everything we do—and our response to COVID is no exception," confirms Tejus Ajmera, FGF co-founder. "To keep our people and facilities safe, only the most advanced and reliable, onsite technology will do. We need accurate results quickly to be able to respond quickly. The 'Hyris Virus Finder' system, along with Songbird's full suite of pathogen-protection services, checks all the boxes."

With wide interest from all levels of government and the private sector, Songbird is coordinating with public agencies, whenever possible, to deploy its testing device inventory thoughtfully, expanding access to Canadians in remote communities, those working in critical infrastructure and major manufacturers, like FGF, who are playing a key role in supporting a healthy Canadian economy.

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