Our Technology

Hyris holds exclusive IP rights on the key elements of its technology.

Hyris develops its own technology for the hardware, software and reagents that constitute its platform.

  • Instruments: proprietary miniaturization solution result in a much small, lighter and simpler instrument that is able to withstand much more demanding environmental conditions that traditional lab instrumentation.
  • Software: customized, unique software solutions that simplify and support the user’s job, while allowing a ‘lab experience’ in any kind of location and setting.
  • Reagents: internally developed, then validated with key industry, academic and government opinion leaders and regulators, our kits use the latest enzyme technology to deliver precise, fast testing results.

Taken together, all these elements form a platform that addresses the needs of both:

  • End users: choose the Hyris bKIT of interest, and use the integrated solution available in all its components
  • Partners and developers: migrate your kits onto the platform, or jointly develop new test kits.