• [ Coronavirus Diagnostic ]

    The Hyris System™ supports the fight against the new Coronavirus

    The portable Hyris System™ can quickly and easily test the presence of both COVID-19 in human subjects, and of the new Coronavirus on surfaces and in environments.

  • [ Covid-19 patient immunity ]

    A rapid T-Cell test for global research and clinical use, everywhere, at any time

    Hyris partnered with prestigious academic and research teams to develop rapid T-Cell tests, in order to track patient immunity levels to COVID-19

  • [ Point of Care Real-time PCR testing ]

    Discover the Hyris System™ and the HYRIS bCUBE™

    • A complete portable suite for PCR genetic analysis.
    • Versatile, fast and reliable.
    • High Throughput
    • No equipped facilities needed
    • No specialized personnel
    • Automatically interpreted results
  • [ Diagnostic test ]

    Hyris System™: highly versatile.

    Learn how the Hyris System™ can support you throughout a variety of different industries and operational situations, thanks to a wide range of diverse applications.

  • [ Point of Care Real-time PCR testing ]

    Press & Media

    Hyris actively engages media and opinion leader from different sectors to provide useful information and insights regarding many related topics such as:

    • PCR testing and genetic analysis
    • Point of Care and AI-powered medical diagnostic
    • IOT healthcare solutions
    • Food control
    • Plant speciation

A global biotech innovation-based Company

Hyris is an innovation-based, global biotech company, which aims to democratize genetic analysis and diagnostic by offering its partners and clients a disruptive System that enables genetic testing of biological samples in any setting, at any time. When genetic analysis must be performed under the harshest conditions, Hyris checks all the boxes.

    Discover the Hyris System™:
    an integrated platform for decentralized nucleic acid testing.

    Real-time PCR (qPCR) has never been so accessible: the Hyris System™ offers the disruptive capability to perform genetic analysis of biological samples in any kind of setting, at any time.
    Thanks to the power of the Artificial Intelligence, the Hyris System™ ensures real time access to results, already automatically interpreted, on its dedicated, cloud-based software platform, allowing even non-expert users to deploy a much wider cohort of genetic testing solutions, in a variety of different fields of applications.
    Supported by its IoT (Internet of Things) structure, the Hyris System™ is one of the most connected, versatile and reliable Point of care, qPCR diagnostic device commercially available on the market.

    Training & Resources

    Follow the link below to find a whole ecosystem of contents specifically designed to support you in your learning path with Hyris’ technology.
    On this page you will find multimedia resources such as Instruction for Usage (IFU) Papers and Video-tutorials, that will walk you through the various step of the Hyris experience.
    Begin your journey with Hyris into a new world of decentralized diagnostic and genetic analysis, from opening the box of your brand new HYRIS bCUBE™, all the way to the most sophisticated analytical and software features.


    • Every journey begins with a question.
    • Find here the answers you need, about the Hyris System™ capabilities, its usage, more advanced technical details, and all the features about kit integrations.
    • Should you need any additional info, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward helping you with your diagnostic and research applications.


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