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10 January, 2024

Distribution agreement renewal with Biomol Laboratories, fostering the partnership in the field of personalised medicine

Hyris has renewed its distribution agreement for the products of Biomol Laboratories, an innovative company in the field of medical biotechnology, specialized in the design and production of in vitro medical devices in the analytical lines of Genetics, Pharmacogenetics and Oncohematology.

The agreement, already signed in January 2023 and renewed in January 2024, provides for the national distribution by Hyris of Biomol's Products for the applications of Genetics, Oncohematology and Pharmacogenetics.

The agreement allows Hyris and Ulisse Biomed, following the recent integration operation between the two companies, to maintain a distinctive depth of the application catalog, integrating the proprietary Hyris System™ platform with high-innovation diagnostic tests belonging to the field of personalized medicine, guaranteeing the dialogue with customers and users of wide scope and relevance.

For example, a customer and user of the aforementioned tests on Hyris System™ is SYNLAB Italia, a European leader in the provision of medical diagnostic services.

Stefano Lo Priore, President of Ulisse Biomed and Founder of Hyris, said: "We are proud of this renewal of the collaboration with Biomol. Their catalog of Genetics, Oncohematology and Pharmacogenetics has allowed us to continue to have strategic conversations at a high level."

Matteo Petti, CEO of Ulisse Biomed, said: "The possibility for Ulisse Biomed, through its newly controlled subsidiary Hyris, to interact in the field of personalized medicine and with customers of this caliber represents the immediate strategic and business impact of the integration between Ulisse Biomed and Hyris." .

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  • Distribution agreement renewal with Biomol Laboratories, fostering the partnership in the field of personalised medicine

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