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Hyris bCUBE™

Miniaturized, state-of-the-art device for the analysis of nucleic acids. It allows users to run both temperature cycles and isothermal analysis, enabling a wide array of DNA and RNA detection methods such as qPCR, isothermal amplifications etc.


HYRIS bCUBE™ is certified to both European and North American standards and features ultra compact instrument design, superior analytical performance tested by global top players and direct connectivity to the proprietary HYRIS bAPP™ cloud based portal. Hyris provides customized cartridges that can be used to analyse 16/36 samples.


  • Fitting on the palm of one hand: 100x100x120 mm and around 1kg
  • Auto-adaptive thermal control that sweeps from very fast (thermal cycling) to very slow ramps (melting curves)
  • High speed detection enables high resolution melting curves (sampling <0.05°C)
  • 2 wavelengths detection
  • Green: 13 times energy consumption less standard PCR equipment
  • Working with two formats of proprietary cartridges: 16-wells and 36-wells
  • Virtually unlimited throughput running devices in parallel simultaneously
  • No calibration or technical installation required
  • Plug and play
  • Connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi to Hyris cloud platform
  • Managed by HYRIS bAPP™, integrated with HYRIS bDATA™
  • Remote support with Hyris Technical team


Product Datasheet


How can I connect to HYRIS bCUBE™?

HYRIS bCUBE™ communicates over two main channels: Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Ethernet connection is required for first setup. HYRIS bCUBE™ can be controlled directly from a Smartphone using the Mobile Hotspot functionality of your device.

Which type of device can be used for controlling HYRIS bCUBE™?

HYRIS bCUBE™ can be controlled from any device with internet connection, including Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. Offline use is possible using HYRIS bPANEL™ interface, for Windows PC.

Can I use HYRIS bCUBE™everywhere in the world?

Absolutely! The supplied power source works at both 110V and 220V, and the power cord can be easily interchanged with the one compatible with the standard of your destination country. Moreover, you can monitor in real-time and control remotely all of your HYRIS bCUBEs™ thanks to their connection to Hyris bDATA™ service.

Can HYRIS bCUBE™ be used for laboratory/research use?

Yes. With Hyris HYRIS bAPP™ you can create custom protocols, run thermal cycling or isothermal protocols, perform high resolution melting analysis, and scan all your samples at the same time. With HYRIS bCUBE™, even the most demanding biologist will be satisfied. Moreover, HYRIS bCUBE™ offers the unique possibility to integrate automatic results interpretation in its recipes, and Biologists can have their recipes/applications published on Hyris platform and made available to all HYRIS bCUBE™ users in the world, boosting their reach of potential customers.

Can HYRIS bCUBE™ perform thermal cycling?

Yes. HYRIS bCUBE™ is capable of running custom thermal cycling protocols, maximizing ramp speed, and running Real Time PCR analyses. Moreover, its flexible thermal control algorithm is able to keep a constant temperature profile, thus maximizing stability and precision, and giving outstanding performance in isothermal amplification protocols.

Can HYRIS bCUBE™ run Melting analysis?

Yes. HYRIS bCUBE™ can control slow temperature ramps very precisely, and the resolution of its temperature sensor (< 0.05°C) enables melting analyses with very high resolution.

What fluorophores are compatible with HYRIS bCUBE™?

At present, our standard model is compatible with FAM and HEX fluorophores (and all equivalents). In addition, due to the modular nature of its patented technology, a custom optical design can be requested to make HYRIS bCUBE™ compatible with virtually any type of fluorophore.

Can HYRIS bCUBE™ detect multiple wavelengths in a single analysis?

Yes. HYRIS bCUBE™ is able to scan all samples simultaneously for each of the installed wavelengths (FAM and HEX fluorophores for the standard model). This allows analyses with multi-targets or an internal control.